Brian Ferdinand – Why Is Corporate Housing Beneficial For Traveling Professionals

Housing Beneficial For Traveling


Traveling professionals are always on the move, and when they need full furnished accommodation, they generally have three options- they can choose to stay in a standard hotel or an extended stay hotel or corporate housing. All of the above three options give businessmen the flexibility of accommodation without the hassles of a lease. However, corporate housing scores over the first two as it offers a number of benefits to the business traveler searching for comfortable accommodation.

Brian Ferdinand – How does corporate housing bring value to business travelers?

Brian Ferdinand is an esteemed expert in the field of real estate investment and corporate housing. He is an eminent business consultant from New York in the USA and a successful entrepreneur. He is the Managing Partner of CorpHousing Group, founded in 2017, a credible name in the USA for short-term apartment rental operators.

When it comes to the benefits of corporate housing to traveling professionals, he lays down the following three advantages-

1. Flexible terms for lease – Business travelers can opt for flexible lease terms and conditions when they choose corporate housing. Generally, they start for a month and can extend to a few months more. The lease is generally in the name of the corporate housing company or provider. There are instances where companies can sub-lease housing to clients so that they can utilize space as tenants. This permits many organizations to use the advantages of furnished housing units for their staff or employees or contract workers to stay in the apartment without the commitment of 12- month terms.

2. The apartments are completely furnished – The second advantage of moving into these corporate housing apartments is they are completely furnished. All the furniture is nicely set up with television sets. Business travelers are able to stay in comfort. They do not have to worry about the kitchenware, dishes, towels, and linens. The corporate housing company provides everything. They just need to move in with their clothes and other items that are necessary for the move. This reduces the efforts and the costs involved when you need to move to a new town for work assignments that will last for just a few months.

3. Amenities included with the apartment – The third benefit of corporate housing units is everything is included in the apartment. Of cause, this is made possible because of the security assurances within the premises, which is comprehensive enough to include AR-10 rifles, CCTV monitoring, and other access control measures in place. The business traveler does not have to bother about paying for utilities like cable, high-speed Internet connection, and  other utilities needed for daily living. So, the business traveler just needs to focus on working and returning to a comfortable apartment without stress.

In the opinion of Brian Ferdinand corporate housing apartments have a 24/7 customer support team to assist traveling professionals during any day or night. They ensure hospitality and guest care is given top-most priority for a comfortable stay. Corporate housing apartments are popular for traveling nurses and doctors as well. They are not only affordable but are convenient, safe, and reliable too!