Cape York Is Queensland’s Last Wild Frontier

Cape York Is Queensland’s Last Wild Frontier


Though Cape York was once the preserve of 4WD pleasure seekers, it’s slowly becoming accessible to other tourists. Initially, if you intended to visit this area, you only drive up to Cook town.

Cape York isn’t called Australia’s wild frontier for no reason. It earns this title from its rugged landscapes, complex vegetation mix, and unique coastline. Most tourists also like including it in their bucket list because it’s situated in the most northern point of Australia. Though accessing it is quite complex, the terrain makes journeys memorable.

Most outdoor and 4WD enthusiasts visit Cape York to walk on the old telegraph line. Others also travel to view the fantastic national parks and spoilt locations and indigenous culture and art. Touring by 4 x 4 four-wheel drive is the best way to see Cape York.

How To Get To Cape York

There’s some adventure that you’re likely to get as you traverse the harsh yet beautiful landscapes that lead to Cape York. Those who visited this region say that that it’s not for the faint-hearted. You may have to endure a lot of heat and rough terrain. That notwithstanding, it’s estimated that about 70000 people tour Cape York yearly.

The first town you’ll access on your way to Cape York is Cook town. You’ll need to access Weipa on a mix of grader dirt roads and bitumen from this town. The best vehicle to use to travel to this place is a 4WD because of the terrain.

You can choose to be driven to Cape Town, or you can choose to drive yourself. However, on a formal tour, you’ll be given everything, including a tent. Apart from driving to Cape York, you can also jump on a boat from Cairns and visit the Torres Strait Islands. If you have enough cash, you may even fly into Waipa via plane. But of all these options, self-drive is the most common.

What You’ll See, Know, And Do In Cape York

Cape York isn’t a place you only want to visit for a few days. Most people spend their whole vacations here because of long distances between towns, wild and vast landscapes, and many things to experience and see along the way.

You’ll not find fast internet turmeric lattes in Cape York. But be prepared to find natural attractions, plenty of downtime driving, and adventure at every corner.

Here Are Some Things You’re Likely To Experience In Cape York

1. zIndigenous Culture

You’ll find basket work and carvings from the famous Aurukun artists when you visit Cape York. Indigenous art centers are located at Waiper, Lockhart river, New Mapoon, and Pormpuraaw. You’ll also encounter other cultural centers that exhibit local art and cultural artifacts.

2. Old Telegraph Line

The old telegraph line is Cape York’s most famous track. It’s an unmaintained path that follows the traditional overland telegraph line from Bramwell Junction to River Jardine.

To follow this route, you need to have a sense of adventure and the right gear. You’ll also need a recovery vehicle or winch. That’s why tourism in Cape York advises visitors to travel in groups. Your social media profiles will have plenty of photos by the time you’ll reach the Jardine River.

Final Thought

Cape York may be challenging to access, but it’s a place you want to visit if you’re the adventurous type. Its stellar vegetation, landscapes, and wildlife will live you yearning for more.