15 stunning places to go on your way to the Maldives

15 stunning places to go on your way to the Maldives


The Maldives is the child of love for pristine white beaches and outrageous entertainment. The romantic atmosphere it speculates is one of the reasons why it is seen as the best destination for honeymoons. The Maldives is definitely one of the best places to visit with its beautiful beaches, delicious water villas, vibrant reefs, and blue-bluewater.

The tropical islands are also valid for your travel journal as a postcard. However, the abundance of Maldives’ tourist places could confuse you as it would be hard to select the perfect places for your sensibility. Therefore, here is a list of the best places to visit in the Maldives to quench your luxury thirst and give you an unforgettable journey.

Atoll Male

Male Atoll is the largest and most important town in all the Maldives. It’s easy to visit because it has some pretty fun attractions. Interestingly, you need not worry about the weather when it comes to this tropical paradise. The mountain season is mostly present all year round, making it perfect.

Island of Maafushi

Maafushi Island is one of the most renowned locations in the Maldives! There are not only beautiful beaches where you can enjoy water sports but also a great food to enjoy.

Iceland of Biyadhoo

Biyadhoo is considered the island of scuba divers thanks to its complete access! The fact that this island is owned and operated by the Taj hospitality company is also significant.

Iceland of the Light

The Nalaguraidhoo Island, also known as the Sun Island, is situated in the South Ari Atoll. The island is too lovely for words, decorated with a stunning tropical setting and blue water. Your charm and luxurious resorts would strike you. It’s a great spot if you’re with a partner.

Reef of Banana

As the name suggests, the reef is shaped like a banana and has fine marine life, as it offers one of the best waters of the Maldives. The colors and dynamism of the island and the marine life it sustains will amaze you.

Iceland of Baros

Enjoy the best of luxury on the island of Baros. You’d be lost in its beauty during your stay with tiny, exquisite villas set over a cyan-blue lagoon. There will be Honeymooners here for the time of their lives.

Iceland of Alimatha

This island is located on the Vaavu Atoll, on the eastern shores of the Maldives. You can also sail and play volleyball by the beach when you are surrounded by white sand! The place is also cool because it offers some wonderful massage centers, a spa, bars, and a lovely beach with its blue azure waters.

Beach Artificial

Are you an enthusiast of carnival? Do you like cultural pizzazz and a young atmosphere on your trips? You’ll have the experience to remember on the Artificial beach! The place in North Mal-Atoll is typically illuminated by a young crowd that wants to relax and plunge into the water on the beach.

Iceland Fihalhohi

Fihalhohi Island won’t let you down if you have an eye for aesthetics! You will be delighted by the elegance of the island with water as blue as the sky and the beach adorned with palm trees. The Balinese standard of spa care you will experience is another benefit of Fihalhohi.

Finolhu Island of Emboodhu

If you wonder what makes the island so valuable to Emboodhu Finolhu, the truth is that the villas are on the waters and arranged in the floral form! The whole landscape looks like a diamond in the crown of the island. If the care of posh is a planned one, the island is certainly for you.

Iceland of Mirihi

Away from the city, near the blue Ocean, Mirihi is extremely important and has lots of detoxification. Just a step onto the island and your phone will be one with the environment immediately. It’s soothing, romantic, and brilliant.

Iceland of Huvahendhoo

Much of the Maldives has a very romantic atmosphere and it is perfect for honeymooners. However, some areas are also suitable for a family holiday. Huvahendhoo provides all sorts of luxuries a family is looking for.

Islands of Halaveli

Halaveli islands offer phenomenal benefits, particularly when you come from busy cities, including the extra isolation you are looking for. Literally, the island has over 57 water villas built to fulfill your aesthetic senses perfectly. Not to mention the sophisticated hospitality you’re looking for.

Ganduvaru Utheemu

This small island is one of the best places to visit on the Maldives when it comes to a powerful crowd puller. The location not only has a fascinating past, it looks like a tiny green jellyfish from the air.

Iceland of Cocoa

Would you like to have all the extravagance of the Maldives? Well, the island of COMO Cocoa is where you can stay! COMO Cocoa Island offers a service that even surpasses the 5-star standard at more than 33 water villas.