Best of everything to do in Goa

Best of everything to do in Goa


The beaches or their popular nightlife isn’t just Goa’s. There are so many things to do here, endless entertainment and enjoyable opportunities that it is difficult for even the most experienced traveler to pick. There is something that can be done here, for everyone, for adults and children, for those who are interested in nature or in adventure, for water sports, drink and food lovers, for people interested in the arts and history, the culture, religion.

Everything that you can do in Goa so that you can schedule your activities, is always nice to know in advance. The truth is, in just a few days most people would find it difficult to do all on a single visit. This is one reason so many people are still returning to Goa. All of them, of course, love Goa and intend to return before they go home.

This guide will help you better schedule your activities and settle on the activities in Goa so that nothing is missed. Not just to hopping, parties, lazing, and drinking your Feni.


A set of private luxury villas in Goa for rent in lovely areas, including concierge and housekeeping during your stay.


Goa beaches still rate above every tourist’s list. Many of them can be selected from the north to the south. Choose carefully because everybody can’t come. The beaches of North Goa are more active with far more shopping, party, and activity. South beaches are cleaner and quieter. In the South, too, there is more nature. Relax on a shack’s beach, have a massage, have a drink, have a bath.


A lot of water sports, almost all over Goa, are to be selected. Parasailing, windsurfers, fast boat and banana boat trips, water skiing, boogie boarding, dinghy sailing, and more are all available. Swimming on the beaches too, of course. But note, in many Goa beaches there are rocks. Beware of riptides, too. At the most popular beaches there are bodyguards, but not all. Deep-sea fishing in Goa can also be attempted.


Kayaking in Goa’s backwaters could be a lifetime experience. Glide softly over tranquil waters, when you are near the birds, bats, and dolphins at times. You will have wonderful memories of this peaceful encounter. You can also see the Goanese people’s villages, churches, and everyday lives.


Why not try whitewater rafting if you want more fun and adventure. Challenge yourself and ride across the rapids. You will definitely get a rush of adrenaline. In Goa, there are several places for whitewater rafting – Valpoi River, Mhadei River, Mandovi River. The cost ranges from 1,500-2,000 INR per user, including basic courses, safety reports, rafting equipment, and life jackets.


Go for a day of diving, snorkeling, and scuba divers on Grande Island near Vasco da Gama! Equipment for hire is available. Basic training is also available. Discover the many popular diving sites and boat wrecks or simply ski the surface to see the colorful sea life. A barbecue can be used to end the day. Bogmalo Beach in South Goa also provides snorkeling.


Take a boat ride to see these wonderful dolphins face to face. There are several locations in Goa, such as Candolim, Calangute, Sinquerim, and Varca Beach, where you can see dolphins close by the bank. You will also see them on Grande Island and occasionally on the rivers. It’s so likely that many carriers offer a ‘no dolphin, no pay’ servic


On the river Mandovi and on the river Sal in the south, cruises take place. All kinds of cruises are available to choose from like Goan music dinner cruises, wine, singing, and dancing. The Department of Tourism of Goa operates famous river cruises, but private operators also exist. Try a dinner trip with candlelight for a private experience. River cruises and sunset cruises are also available for 1 hour and 2 hours. You may also sail on backwater or houseboat cruises or take a few hours or the whole day for exclusive cruises to rent a yacht or catamaran.


Testify to the spice aroma and learn how to spice plantations in Goa are grown. See some of India’s first exports of exotic spices. See cardamom, and Peri Peri, one of the hottest chilies in the world, and more. Many tropical birds can also be seen. A photographer delights in a spice plantation. Drive an elephant or spray a bath with the water. Enjoy a traditional Goan Lunch, prepared with agricultural spices, before leaving.


For thrillers, Paragliding is a fun and adventure sport. Paragliding can be enjoyed for just 3000 INR per hour in Arambol Beach in North Goa. Period trips are also shorter. Follow some simple instructions and a safety inspection and glide in the sky, helped, of course, by your coach. In reality, the flight begins from a cliff between the beaches of Arambol and Harmal. Watch the beach and Goa countryside overlooking the sea, the peaks, and beaches.