5 Superb Libraries to Dig Out in Dubai

Dig Out in Dubai


If you are fond of reading books then honestly, Dubai is the right destination you have selected for a vacation where you find a massive range of perfect libraries where you can read dozens of books catering to a vast variety of subjects including history. Interestingly, though, Dubai is known for its fantastic skyscrapers and amazing food but with that, it also has the great literary treasure to hunt, so gear-up to enjoy the great blend of specific books’ fragrance and tranquil reading environment at the most progressive desert.

Interestingly, by visiting libraries of UAE, you find the great love for literacy of Arabs depicting another positive side of Arabs, so begin your exploration and turn a trip literary wonderful of Dubai. For making it easy to explore the remarkable libraries of Dubai, this blog brings some do-visit options that you cannot avoid, so get yourself aware about them below.

1-Dubai Public Library

It is not the only library, in fact, it is the system comprising of seven libraries for people in various districts of the city and there are seven other ones targeting the needs of children, so make your first visit to this incredible library and get to know more about the literary world. These public libraries are connected with each other via same interface; thus, readers get a chance of accessing details from any library. Whenever, you plan a vacation, so go with the Trip.com promo code and turn your tour more incredible with spending the minimum amount of money.

2-The Old Library

As its particular name reveals, this is very old organization compared to other ones in the town and it possesses a wide range of books extending from 25,000 books, so visit it and get another interesting taste of reading a book. Moreover, it also has the volunteers’ community managing it precisely; thus, dozens of people visit this spot daily. Moreover, the non-profit trait makes it more interesting place to visit, so do check it out in a journey of discovering libraries.

3-Etihad Museum

Honestly, the artistically design infrastructure makes this place more amazing to read books and the library there consists of the great collection of books, magazines, journals along with the digital stuff such as CDs and various educational things. Moreover, this splendid architecture pairs extremely well with the eye-catching interior.

4-Jameel Art Centre

Honestly, it is more than just anyone could have judged from its unique name, so digging it out is also the remarkable step while exploring different libraries in Dubai and it owns a wide array of books of different languages, so get a chance to read at another artistic spot. Moreover, the space has been filled with the printed journals as well as catalogues manifesting the great history of this specific world’s region.

5-Beach Library

True, nothing is as fantastic as going to the incredible beach having a book in hands to read in the most peaceful environment, so do visit this amazing place and enjoy an interesting style of reading a book. This great step taken by the Dubai’s municipality for making beaches more relaxing particularly for book lovers and just choose any favorite book from the beach library’s shelf and get a taste of both awesome water and outdoor-reading