5 Beach Villa Holiday Destinations

Villa Holiday Destinations


For nature lovers, nothing makes a more idyllic holiday destination than a beach villa. After all, where else can you find silky soft sand to dig your toes into while fresh sea air tantalizes your senses?

Hence, renting a beach villa for holidays is an ideal way to unwind, commune closely with nature, and spend memorable moments with family or friends. If you’re ready to book your next holiday at the Jamaica villas or a beach villa, look at the suggestions below.

1. Villa Bellavista I. – Menorca

Surely you’ve heard all about the fantastic natural beauty of the island of Menorca. But did anybody tell you of the magnificent and hands-down exotic beach villas on it? Take Villa Bellavista, for example. This exotic holiday resort is the beach villa destination of your dreams.

It is genuinely a whitewashed wonder, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. If you’ve been planning a romantic getaway with your partner to add a bit more spark to your romance, there’s no better setting for it than Villa Bellavista.

It has the most captivating sunsets to experience, while the summer evenings are balmy and heady with the golden hues from the sky’s glow. And when it’s time to dip in the bluest waters you’ve seen, you only need to head over to Blue Flag beaches, a short distance away from the villa.

2. Samujana- Koh Samui

Surely you’ve heard of Koh Samui is one of the most happening holiday destinations in the world. If you’re headed there for your next beach holiday with the gang, you have to book the plush villas. Our recommendation is Samujana on Koh Samui, a villa where the most sparkling pool and luxe yachts for outings and invigorating activities await you.

And the luxurious experiences don’t end there; by booking your stay at Samujana Villa, you get a private chef and a butler to serve you like true royalty. There is a range of villas to choose from, and perhaps you’d like to consider your group size, their interests, and the packages of each villa to know which perfectly suits you.

There’s also a Villa on Samujana with a gym and Thai kickboxing knitted into it.

3. Villa Paradise Beach II, Rhodes

If you want to be the closest to the beach possible on your vacations, then you have to pick the Villa Paradise Beach II on Rhodes. This villa sits almost directly on the beachfront, offering one panoramic view after another of the Kiotari coast.

When you’re lounging in your villa and feel a sudden urge to be on the beach, it will only take you as much as stepping out of your doorstep to be on the bay. Imagine waking up to the mesmerizing view of the shingle bay, the silky sweeping sand, and the bluest skies ever.

You can also reach the Blue Flag beach, just four kilometers from the Villa Paradise. What’s more, there’s an endless range of exhilarating watersport activities to enjoy. From parasailing and infinity pools to barbecues on the beach, you can call this a true paradise.

4. The Aleenta- Phuket

If Phuket beckons you time and again, the next time you’re headed there for a beach holiday, consider The Aleenta for your stay. This place is honestly the part of Thailand we can describe as a gem.

Apart from The Aleenta, this part of Phuket is lined with boutique hotels and villas, many of which are ideal for family vacations. Other options include boutique hotels that would be perfect for a luxurious, royalty-befitting holiday. Many of the Boutique hotels, including the Aleenta, have been awarded as the Best Green Resort of Thailand too.

You’ll find endless opportunities to surf, golf, boat, or enjoy other activities with your family and friends.

5. Villa Gaia- Zakynthos

Greek Island holidays are the stuff dreams are made of. But you can make your dream come true by booking your next beach escape at Villa Gaia in Zakynthos. Gorgeous is but an understatement for this beyond-exotic and magnificent villa.

It sits on a private beach, overlooking the tranquil and azure waters. You will find an indescribable feeling of calm and peace as you watch the waters gently overlapping the sandy shores. What’s more, you wouldn’t want to stop luxuriating at the private pool and the spacious garden this villa comes with.

With palm trees lining the villa, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a page in a fairytale.

Final Thoughts

From Greece to Thailand to Menorca, there’s no shortage of luxe resorts and boutique hotels by the beachfront to book for your stay. With the rolling blue waters, endless stretches of silky, indulgent sand, and open skies, you can’t ever go wrong by booking a beach villa for your holidays.