What is the procedure to change the name on the flight ticket ?

the flight ticket


While making a flight ticket reservation, it is always a logical thing to put your first and last name as mentioned in your passport before you confirm the reservation. Nevertheless, it might sometimes happen that you accidentally make a typing error, enter your wedded last name rather than your original last name or that you use your nickname. But, is it possible to fly on this ticket with an incorrect name? Well, you’ve got great news that you can travel with this ticket. Thanks to the Turkish Airlines Name Correction policy. Below, we have shared the procedure to make the ticket name changes to your flight booking.

1. Check the Conditions of Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy 

Before you proceed to make a Turkish airline ticket name change, firstly check the conditions of the Turkish airlines name change policy. Go through the fare conditions associated with this policy on the official website of your airline.

Certain fare conditions are applicable for all flight tickets and airfares.

Additionally, every Turkish airlines name correction policy has different rules and conditions. So, you need to verify them all.

With many airlines, a name change is only allowed till a particular time before departure, for instance till 24 hours before flight departure.

2. Contact Airline’s Customer Service Department

Now that you know about all the costs involved in the name change procedure, it’s time to get in touch with the customer service centre of your Turkish airline. The representative may ask you some questions for security reasons. Once you answer those questions, he/she will assist you with your name change request.

You will now need to communicate all the name-related issues on the ticket so they can assist you in the best way. They may further ask you for the reservation details, change fee, and legal documents to process your name change request.

3. Sometimes Ticket Name Changes Can be Done Online As Well

Contacting customer service is an option that is always open to passengers for Turkish airlines name change on ticket. However, sometimes airlines allow online changes too. You have to simply login to your traveller account and choose the given options to confirm the changes. Usually, the online changes are the minor changes. For major ones, you have just one option- customer service.

4. Download your New e-ticket for Comfortable Travelling

Once changes are confirmed, you will receive a new e-ticket. Download it and use it at the time of boarding.

This is how you change your name on the ticket with the help of the Turkish airlines name correction policy. It’s a great provision offered by some airlines that can save money and time for passengers.