Restricted Area Treks in Nepal

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Restricted Area Treks in Nepal grant a special lifestyle and the dazzling eventualities of the Himalayas. The Restricted Trek would be an ideal vacation spot for all travelers. There are many constrained treks around Nepal; discover the trek as per your liking. 

Furthermore, before beginning the ride to remote areas, you must obtain the required permit. However, any trekker can without problems soak up the herbal beauties and lifestyle too.

The best time to do the treks in Nepal:

The most preferable times for restricted area trekking are mid-spring from March to May and September to November months during the autumn season.

Upper Mustang Trek, Dolpo, and Limi Valley can be trekked through the monsoon moist months, as this location falls inside a rain shadow. All heavy black clouds are blocked by the excellent Himalayan range, which is why the location is dry and arid and receives few showers. 

As this trek leads to excessive altitudes, it is no longer advocated in wintry weather instances with heavy snowfall on route. The Nepal High Trek and Expedition crew notably recommends the restricted area treks in Nepal for 2023–2024. We are right here, equipped to discover the splendor of Nepal.

Nepal offers some captivating restricted area treks that provide adventurous travelers with unique experiences. These regions are often remote, less explored, and have significant cultural or environmental importance. Here are a few popular restricted area treks in Nepal:

Taste the natural beauty and multi-ethnic culture.

It is an extremely good way to revel in a variety of adventures and spend memorable time in the mountains. It is appropriate for all age groups of trekkers to have the chance to travel around a restrained region. Restricted vicinity treks in Nepal are more than a few of the places one can discover in the concord of their entire herbal surroundings.

The authorities of Nepal and the Tourism Department have listed the following locations in the Himalaya as restrained areas: Restricted areas are the following: Far North West Upper Mustang, Upper/Lower Dolpo, and Humla-Limi Valley. Furthermore, in the midwest is Manaslu Circuit Trek, and Tsum Valley consists of Nar-Phu.

Upper Mustang Trek: 

Located in the rain-shadow location of the Annapurna Base camp Trek, Upper Mustang affords a charming mixture of herbal splendor and Tibetan culture. The panorama includes barren valleys, historic caves, and beautiful rock formations. Trekking right here requires a unique permit, as it was once a forbidden kingdom.

Upper Mustang is a remote north plateau positioned between Nepal and Tibet. Start the stroll from Jomsom, heading a ways north-west, as the path follows the ancient Trans-Himalaya Salt Trade and Caravan Route to Tibet.

Manaslu Circuit Trek: 

This trek takes you around Mount Manaslu, the eighth-best mountain in the world. The path passes through far-off villages, lush forests, glacial valleys, and excessive mountain passes. A restrained location is required for this trek, as it explores the culturally great Nubry Valley and entails crossing the difficult Larke Pass.

Tsum Valley Trek: 

Tsum Valley gives a special cultural experience. Home to the Tsumba people, who have their very own wonderful language, traditions, and lifestyle, this valley is deeply rooted in Tibetan Buddhism. Trekkers can go to historic monasteries, have interaction with pleasant locals, and witness spiritual ceremonies. 

The valley is nestled between the Ganesh Himal and Shringi Himal ranges, offering breathtaking panoramic views all through the journey.

Manaslu Tsum Valley was once closed to outdoor traffic and then opened for fascinated vacationers to venture into in the late 1990s. One of the very distinctive areas around the Himalayas is listed as a restrained region and is well worth a visit to this new Shangri-La. In the beginning, the stroll takes you on the identical route of Manaslu after a few days from Jagat and Deng villages.

Nar and Phu Trek:

 These regions in western Nepal were previously designated as restricted areas for trekking. Recently opened up for tourism, they allow trekkers to explore stunning landscapes and unique cultural heritage

.Nar-Phu Trekking

Nar-Phu Valley Trek is in the Annapurna location of Nepal. It used to be open in the Nineteen Nineties for overseas vacationers; however, it required a distinct permit to complete the trek. Besides, after acquiring a one-of-a-kind it allows it to enter into excessively hidden corners of the Manang district. Walk along the famous Annapurna circuit for some days to the village of Kodo.

It’s located in the huge Annapurna area of Nepal, in the Manang district. From Kodo, the path has diverted to many locations, like Nar Phu Valley, Kangla Pass, and Annapurna Circuit Trek.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek and Dolpo Trek are also among the restricted area treks, each offering its own allure and adventure.


In most of the regions, regular accommodations are on hand, offering the primary lodging facilities, whereas on the contrary, you have to go tenting for the most far-off sector as there is no such facility.

Overlooking all the areas, inns are the fundamental capability of lodging in many limited zones of Nepal. Also, in some locations, there is this facility of homestays managed by the neighborhood committee used for lodging, which, in return, is anticipated to enhance the lives of locals and additionally furnish a homelike sense of relief to the visitors.


Trekking in these areas requires obtaining special permits, traveling with registered guides, and adhering to specific guidelines to ensure the preservation of the region and the safety of trekkers.